Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Last Friday (if you recall, otherwise scroll down a little to Friday's post) I noticed that our local Jays had fledged maybe one or two young, and, given how awkward they were at landing/managing the aerials, they probably had just fledged that morning. On Saturday morning, on my way to the shops via Margravine Cemetery, one of them almost flew into me... I really didn't have much time to check as we were off to a wedding shortly thereafter, but they were so out in the open that I could see 4 young without much difficulty.
On Sunday morning I decided to go 'Jay hunting'. I couldn't find them at first but as I go closer to Barons Court I heard an unmistakable horrible sound and there they were. They were very mobile, going from tree to tree, from tree to ground, from ground to tree, but by being slightly ahead of them (sometimes) and sitting down by a tree or grave I managed a fair amount of photos, a selection of which are below. I tried to make the most of it as, even though our local Jays are not too shy, they had still been pretty elusive. I hope you don't get an indigestion...

We are in a graveyard after all...

I think that the following 2 photos are of one of the adults, redder and fuller crown, and somehow the 'blue' feathers don't look as pristine:

One of the youngsters begging one of its parents for food. Unfortunately, I only managed one very blurry photo of one being fed :(

"What am I meant to do with that?" (a leaf)

Thank you for your patience!


  1. Great photos, I haven't seen a Jay for some years and never young ones. The third one from the bottom was so comical!

  2. I agree :)
    I don't know that I had knowingly seen young jays before, they're really not that different from the adults, so I'm rather glad I was in the right place at the right time. We're lucky that the cemetery is semi woodland and that they like it.
    I usually hear them more than I can see them though, and because of them I can't be sure of anything I hear that I don't see. One managed to fool me that there was a cat in a tree once ;)