Monday, 29 June 2009

They're back!

This was taken on Saturday during my patch walk on one of their favourite spots at high tide. They were not the first ones I'd seen though as there were already a dozen on Thursday, resting on the shore at low tide with the Canadas.
Still, looking at last year's notes, I saw about 50 on 20th June then, so they're not that early.
Next the swifts and autumn will definitely be on its way...


  1. Saw about 7/8 round Tower Bridge yesterday as well. It's good to see them back, BH Gulls are always good entertainment. The Med hunting can begin afresh!

  2. Sure! Not very fruitful for me so far, but, you never know, this year might be the one...
    Love watching their antics, I swear they can hear a bag of bread being open a mile away...

  3. No Meds at all recirded at Tower Bridge as far as I know. Imagine the glory! Sort of.