Friday, 12 March 2010

between you and me and a packet of crisps

I went by the Thames yesterday afternoon, more to stretch my legs than anything, but, you never know, my luck of the previous day could have continued. No such luck, and unlikely as the Thames was chock-a-block with rowing boats, I assume it was the Junior Head of the River or something.
Unsurprisingly, there wasn't much out there, though a good quantity of Black-headed Gulls were congregating by Hammersmith Bridge. A pair of Gadwalls were a surprise, I barely saw any all winter, and, now, barely any other duck, and there they were!
Then this pair of geese arrived. I'd seen them before, pretty sure, as I was cleaning up the foreshore slightly further south last week. One, I assume the female, a classic Canada Goose, the other one of those Canada x Greylag hybrids which pop up from time to time. I tried to ignore them, but they kept on passing by, and then the hybrid one started honking. I couldn't resist any longer and got my camera out.

"Hey you! Stop taking photos!"

geese"And a packet of crisps swims by..."

"What sweet music we make"



  1. Those are wonderful photos of the Canada Geese!

  2. Great photos Nathalie especially the first one and I don't know why (as I hate litter) but I had to laugh about the packet of crisps, I think it was your clever narrative :)

  3. Thank you!
    That goose had tons of character, it helped :)

    I hate litter too, which is why I dedicate some of my time volunteering with Thames21 to remove some of it from the Thames, which is slowly improving, though a lot remains to be done.