Tuesday, 16 March 2010

a slice of mandarin

Last Saturday, on my way to watch a friend race on the river, I spotted this female Mandarin among the barges at Furnival Gardens. I don't know if it is the same one I saw in February, and mentioned in this post, but, if not, it's her body double. I took photos on my way back home, on my way there the branch she's perched on was at water level.

I had previously seen her (difficult to imagine that there are that many of them lurking about around Fulham) in February, preening on the foreshore.

I like how the water appears to be boiling around her, but also how clear it was.

The difference between her two wings is fairly obvious this way.

For bigger versions and more photos click on the photos above or go to my gallery.


  1. A lovely series of images, Nathalie.
    Thanks, too, for linking to our blog where we've just captured video of our peregines mating.

    Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project

  2. Thank you!
    My pleasure... From all the other links, you may guess that I am a little bit peregrine-obsessed :)