Sunday, 19 April 2009

19 April 2009

I went to the Thames this morning. On my way there I heard a familiar sound, lifted my head and saw a peregrine, probably a female, being harassed by a mob of crows. I unfortunately lost them behind buildings but I guess they chased it away.
Tide was going up and the shore was empty at Hammersmith Bridge apart from a few pigeons, and something I had never seen before: a magpie, collecting algae and mud, I guess as nesting material. I also saw a few more birds, fortunately, between there and Crabtree Wharf:
  • mallard: 16
  • Canada goose: 3 + 2 flying over
  • lesser black-backed gull: a pair
  • black headed gull:2
  • herring gull: about 7 of various ages
  • house martin: just the one
  • coot; 2
  • moorhen: 2
  • tufted duck: 8 males and 8 females
  • great crested grebe: 1 fishing, quite close to the path
  • house sparrow: at least 2 in the usual bush
  • parakeet: a pair being intimate on the pontoon
  • starling: one had twigs in its beak

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