Wednesday, 22 July 2009


While preparing breakfast yesterday morning I noticed unusually high bird activity at the back of the house. What I noticed first was the blackbirds, there were like 8 of them on the big roof, then the tits, the finches, crows, magpies, even the wren I am convinced is nesting somewhere around (sounding the alarm multiple times a day) was joining in. It didn't last very long, soon the tits and finches were on the feeders at the front, but it had me puzzled, that is until I went out at the beginning of the afternoon and saw the path leading to the cemetery covered in ants, including a few winged ones. It was Flying Ants Day!
On a patch of grass where I went to, 2 magpies were busy feasting on ants. However, every few minutes they were flying off to shake them off as ants were crawling all over their body. It was quite hilarious, I thought...
When I came back, most of the ants had disappeared from the path, and everything was pretty quiet.

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