Sunday, 12 July 2009

Normal situation resumed

The Falcons War in the end was rather brief, probably with a bit of (unwitting) help from the humans, as on Wednesday and Thursday there were men on the roof and chimney doing maintenance. I haven't seen the Kestrels since. Surprisingly, the Peregrines were occasionally there at the same time as the men above, which is something I had not seen before.
The Peregrines are now back, and back to their old routine of doing pretty much nothing for hours, in between bouts of preening, and eating. I witnessed the male eating something, probably pigeon, but if you think otherwise from the photos below, let me know... It was quite substantial but I didn't manage to get a proper angle on it.

For more photos of the peregrines, I have now added a selection of the 2009 photos in my album. You can find them there.

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