Monday, 6 July 2009

Falcons war, part 1?

As I thought...
I went to check shortly before lunchtime on my way to the shops and noticed 2 Kestrels on the hospital. On my way back, there were some more and I could see that there were actually 5 of them... At one point, 2 were perched and 3 were flying around. Than one split off and went in the direction of the Tube lines (District and Piccadilly between Hammersmith and Barons Court) which might actually be an explanation as to their presence since that's about 10 seconds away for them.

After lunch, I checked and immediately noticed that a Peregrine was on one of their favourite perches. I quickly grabbed my camera and took this photo:

You'll have to believe me that the blobs are what I say they are...

Once I got a better angle, I could see 3 Kestrels at the top. The wind got so strong that they appeared to lose their footing and one went down to the other below and the other one started flying around. Then I think another one arrived from somewhere and, suddenly, there were 3 of them flying around, being noisy as well, and they started mobbing the male peregrine, who flew away pursued by 2 of them. Unfortunately, trees and buildings prevented me to see any further. But 20 minutes later, I could see it had returned and at least 1 kestrel was on top.

I shall now go and check the situation while it's not raining...

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