Monday, 17 August 2009

Flash mob the foreshore

I was looking forward to Thames21's announcement last week of the locations for their Flash mob the foreshore event this week, and was not disappointed: 2 of the clean-ups are happening in Fulham. On Thursday, it will be by Bishops Park, on Friday by Hurlingham Park, for more details such as time, location, click on the link above.
I should be there with my bucket for both, and thoroughly recommends it, as it's great fun, an excellent excuse to be out and get muddy, and it's good for the environment and the birds in particular.


  1. Hi Natalie,

    Going back to your Normandy post, your Guernsey Underwing is actually a Straw Underwing. Although they are very similar, I don't think Guernsey Underwing has ever been recorded in Britain, confined only to the Channel Islands.
    Great blog!


  2. Thank you! I've actually been following yours for a while, I try not to get too jealous of some of your photos...
    All the photos on that blog post were taken in Normandy, the region in France, not the village in Surrey which I had forgotten about. As I said in one of the comments, I did check afterwards that Guernsey underwing occured in that part of France, which is, after all very close to the Channel Islands [in French they are called 'les iles anglo normandes'] on this site
    The Straw Underwing does not seem to have that green tint, nor the orange part you can just about see poking out.