Sunday, 30 August 2009

Nesting in a tyre [part 4 I think]

For those of you still following the moorhens nesting in a tyre saga.
I went to check on them this afternoon and one of them was on the nest. As you can see, they have build it up so much now that there is barely any room for the incubating bird. Exchanges must be interesting...

You can also see how worn out the feathers are, exhausting job this reproducing lark...

It looks like the mud/silt between the barge and the wall has also been building up. One of the birds has been leaving tracks like these, and they're light little things, I dread to think how deep we would sink ;)

By my reckoning, the eggs should be hatching at some point this week, if they do. I'll try and have a look if I find a minute.

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