Friday, 21 August 2009


I'm knackered... 2 cleanups with Thames21 in as many days, plus the walk there and back today have done me in!
Yesterday was by Bishops Park from Putney Bridge towards Fulham Football Club and about 100 people turned up for it. I didn't find anything exciting, just endless cotton buds, plastic bottle caps, fabric and sanitary towels, and one syringe with needle, after a chat with someone who'd remarked he'd not found one of those on the foreshore around there for years, he'd jinxed it! What amazed me was the number of clams (or suchlike), I'd never seen those in such numbers on the foreshore before, and shrimps. It would have been more enjoyable without the twat on a yacht on the other side of the river blasting music... Still, there was one funny moment when 4 birds came up with the tide following each other, at first I thought 4 mallards, but the first one looked odd for a mallard, and rightly so, it was a great crested grebe. It dived, the mallards continued and picked up behind when it reappeared...
Today was still in Fulham, from the corner of Hurlingham Park towards Wandsworth Bridge, Below is a photo of the first portion.

As often, there were big cages like the one in the middle of the photo in which to put the bags with the small stuff and the bulkier stuff. They are then picked up by the Port of London Authority at hide tide. This portion did not have much in big items, the one you can see on the left hand side was a wheelchair, and there was also a full upright hoover complete with accessories, a desk, a shopping trolley. I didn't go any further than that first cage, there was enough there to keep me busy, again cotton buds and bottle caps, but also straws and bar wrappers. I also found 2 more syringes, and I wasn't the only one, this was apparently exceptional for the Thames foreshore, these are more often found on canals and rivers such as the Wandle which might be the reason why. I heard a gun was found further on, it's the second one found at clean-ups I have been to.

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