Tuesday, 8 September 2009

4 peregrines

2 Saturdays ago, I went to check on the Peregrines in Westminster early in the morning again. It was nice and quiet out there until the hordes of tourists started descending...
I did not find them initially, as it happens I was looking at the wrong face at the time. I was looking at a young Woodpigeon feasting on fruit in a small tree when I picked up a bird coming from behind the tower, gaining speed and a little bit of altitude. I saw it make a half-hearted effort at a pigeon, then it finished its circle and disappeared behind the tower again. As it didn't reappear, I went to look on the other side and found this one preening. It obligingly showed me its leg, but no obvious sign of a ring on there.

As this one was sitting there doing nothing much, I tried locating the other one, and managed to find it twice, but only for very fleeting moments. In the meantime, the first one had relocated, on a wing... :
It's only when I got quite far away that the angle allowed me to see both on the same face, and, from their size difference, I'd say that the one above is the female, but I'll have to go and check on them again. Such a shame ;)

I had never until now looked that closely at the sculptures/gargoyles on Westminster Abbey, but I thoroughly recommend using binoculars, however weird it may look, to have a look at them. Here's a lovely doggy for example.

Later that day, I also saw the pair near home on the hospital, as they'd returned a few days previously from one of their 'vacations. They were sat there for most of the afternoon. Which means that I had seen 4 Peregrines that day, which, as far as I can remember, has not happened to me often before, and they were families then. Nice :)

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