Thursday, 24 September 2009

I'm on a roll...

Unfortunately, it was not on my patch, but very nice nevertheless. Thursday, early afternoon, usually only means weekly shopping, and today was no exception. After shopping, I went to check what was on the shore as tide was low, before going to have a look at the sparrows. I had been taking photos of a Herring Gull, its very whitish eye with a black ring (or at least it appeared so in the light, was fascinating me. This bird arrived from the left, I thought wagtail as I often see some there, but it was silent. It landed on a stone/concrete block and modelled some litter. A Wheatear. I'd only seen them at the Wetland Centre until now. Nice. It disappeared towards the Counting Coots patch, but not before I had managed some shots, not brilliant ones but at least my camera was vaguely set right.


  1. Very nice bird for the Thames :-)

  2. Lovely shot,love the setting pose.

  3. fst0pped: indeed, a case of being in the right place at the right time, for once...

    John: Thank you! Too bad for the mess on the set though...