Sunday, 13 September 2009

preparing for winter

This morning, after checking on the sparrows at Abbey Gardens, I went for a game of hide and seek with the juvenile woodpigeons in Margravine Cemetery.
Yesterday, on the way back from shopping I counted 10 grazing with a few adults. I had thought that 4 last week or so was a lot, so, 10 at once was rather unbelievable.

Unfortunately, today, they were not in one big easy herd, hiding either among the graves or the trees, but I still found a group of 4 juveniles with 1 adult. No idea why they have done so well this year, but they certainly have... In the middle of all this, I could hear Jays. I saw 3 at once at some point last week in the cemetery after a period of not seeing any. I was taking photos of 1, when, unfortunately, my mobile rang, and the bird flew as I was answering it. I still managed to notice that it was not alone, joining 3 others at least in a tree.  I wonder how long families stay together?

As I was trying to relocate them, I heard a rustle in a holly and saw this squirrel coming out with a branch full of berries and then crossing the path:

One by one, it would pick the berries, check them out:
  and then bury them: 

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  1. Hi Nathalie,great looking Squirrel Images.
    Loved every shot.