Thursday, 1 January 2009

1st January 2009

1st of January, it was time to go and check my patch for the Londonbirders' patchlist competition. I decided to start with Margravine Cemetery, and managed a total of 15. The highlights were a pair of mistle thrush, one of which at least created quite a stir among some of the locals, namely jays, magpies and blackbirds, and a goldcrest.

what shall I have next?

This is a typical example of my difficulties to get a decent picture of those, they just move so fast!

Because I like taking photos of birds' behinds (don't ask ;) )

A quick walk later with alien and a friend by the Thames added 5 more, including a moorhen, which, once again, was battling against the tide...

More photos in the Margravine cemetery album.

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