Monday, 26 January 2009

26 January 2009

2 long-tailed tits are inspecting the bush where a pair nested 2 years ago near the car park. Difficult to miss their chirping as you pass by ;)

In the cemetery, some crocuses are open, and I even saw a butterfly. One might think spring is definitely on its way...

The female great-spotted woodpecker was out at last year's nest this morning, until a ring-necked parakeet came a bit too close for her liking in a nearby tree as she went after it and chased it away.

I finally know the origin of the female peregrine which has been eating and perching on the hospital since October2007. Someone managed to read her ring as she landed on the ice at the Wetland Centre a few weeks ago. I am now kicking myself because I could have known since June last year, as I now find it obvious on a series of photos I took during a preening session (for example). She was born on a coastal cliff in Sussex, she was not an urban chick to begin with... It somehow resonates with me, not that I was born on a cliff, but it was not that far from the sea, pretty much on the other side of the Channel, both ending up in the big city...

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