Tuesday, 6 January 2009

6 January 2009

This morning I saw the female peregrine, accompanied by the male, come back with something in her talons, I only had a fleeting view but it definitely not a pigeon as it had very long legs, possibly yellow/green. Later, I read that the pair had been making attempts at moorhens and gulls at the Wetland Centre, so it might have been a moorhen.

Considering I had only rarely seen mistle thrush in the Cemetery, we are at the moment literally inundated with them at the moment, with up to 4 birds at time. A lot of rattling, but on the whole, the other birds appear to be leaving them alone now, though one the great spotted woodpeckers is often close behind.

I quite like ring-necked parakeets but I am getting more and more concerned that some are trying to settle in the cemetery...

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