Wednesday, 11 March 2009

11 March 2009

Since I saw one of these, a 16-Spot orange ladybird (Halyzia sedecimguttata), on 1st March, which is when I took the photo above, I have spotted plenty more. I counted at least 36 on the same tree, but I have also seen clusters of them on other trees, on the bottom side of branches mostly. They're apparently to be seen from April, so they are a bit early if that's the case.

Lots of birds singing or busy nest building in the cemetery today. A pair of magpies is building a nest in a holly tree, probably one of the lowest magpie nests I have ever seen. A pair of robins were courting in the hedge by the entrance, I witnessed a food exchange,
The crocuses are pretty much finished, and finally there is an 'explosion' of soft pink on the magnolia!

I have not seen last year's partially leucistic young crow for a while, but, today, as I was getting to Barons Court tube station, I spotted a very similar one flying above the tube lines. I'd say, it's probably the same one, it has just relocated and appeared to have found a mate. Not bad for the 'runt'.

Finally, I love this photo of a chaffinch I took as it was eating prunus/cherry blossom. It has almost a menacing look, with a ciggy in its beak, imo. Or, it looks just stupid!


  1. Great photo of the orange Ladybird and the Chaffinch pic is beautiful,

  2. Thank you!
    Apologies for the late response, my sister was visiting the past few days, and it involved very little time at the computer. It involved however taking photos of black swans, some of which I should put up at some point I hope ;)