Thursday, 12 February 2009

12 February 2009

I went to do my weekly supermarket shopping as I usually do on Thursdays, and as usual now I checked the birds on the Thames Path near it, namely the gulls and sparrows usually. As the tide was high, a lot of gulls were on the pontoon and I did a leg check but without result. I don't know if it's spring coming but the sparrows were particularly active and noisy, not just noisy and hiding in the bushes. As I was checking a female picking up twigs as nesting material, I noticed that she had colour rings on her legs, so I quickly grabbed my camera and managed to find her again. she was still picking up twigs and was still accompanied by a male.

(the blurriness comes from the fact that the photo is taken through chicken wire).
After that, I pointed my camera at all the sparrows I could see and got lucky, with a male this time:
Back home, I checked older photos, but I think I would have noticed if I had photographed some before. I have also reported my finding, I hope I'll get an answer some time...

On another note, I have finally put up some photos of the snow on 2nd February here.

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