Monday, 2 February 2009

2 February 2009

We had some heavy snow today, the like I had not seen in London yet, since apparently it was the 'worst' for 18 years, and I have been here 'only' 16 years. I went for a tour of Margravine Cemetery in the morning, with the excuse that I needed to get some milk (to make pancakes as it is Candlemas, snow or no snow). Some birds were out, but not that many, This robin was still singing in his holly by the car park: A pair of blue tits were chasing each other among snow laden branches:
A group of goldfinches were singing in a tree at the hospital end.
The male peregrine landed briefly with prey (not a pigeon) but must have found it was too exposed as it did not stay to eat it.

12 February update: I have finally put up some more photos here.

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