Thursday, 26 February 2009

26 February 2009

I haven't had much opportunity to go out so far this week, except for shopping, and this is on one of those shopping trip that I have seen yet another colour-ringed house sparrow, in the same spot by Sainsbury's. I also saw today the female I first noticed 2 weeks ago.

I haven't yet spotted any other ringed sparrow in the other 2 colonies I check on my patch.

The long tailed tits are still building their nest just outside the cemetery. I watched them picking up lichen/moss from a tree nearby, it looked such a small quantity, no wonder it takes them so long. I think they may be picking up material from what I am offering as I can occasionally hear their chirping at the back of the house, but if the blue tits are here they chase them away from their balcony! The blue tits are still visiting the window feeders for seeds and mealworms regularly, a great tit has started also coming for mealworm.
I have heard or seen wren and dunnock visiting the back gardens, which is a sign that they're improving I hope.

Still no sign of pink on the magnolia, but some of the daffodils are just about to bloom. The squirrels haven't managed to eat all the crocuses, so, at least at a distance, they're making a lovely blue carpet...


  1. Hi Nathalie,

    Nice photo of the House Sparrow.

    Funny you should mention the Long Tailed Tits nesting by the cemetery, the first LTT's I ever saw were flitting through trees bordering our local cemetery. Since then we see them from time to time in our garden particularly on the fat cakes.

  2. Ta!
    Love your blackbird on the feeder...

    Re the long tailed tits, a pair actually nested inside the cemetery last year and fledged those cuties.
    Every time I see them trying to get onto the food and nesting material on offer, there's a blue tit chasing them away :(