Sunday, 15 February 2009

15 February 2009

At some point today I heard a familiar chirp but not where I'd heard it before: a long-tailed tit was exploring the chicken wire surrounding the balcony. either it was looking for insects on the passiflora clinging to it, or it was interested in the nesting material. I'll never know as a blue tit quickly arrived on the scene and started chasing it around, the long tailed tit ending up on the balcony floor. After a few minutes of the blue tit harassing it on the other side, the long tailed tit flew off towards some neighbours' bush.
Later, as I was making tea, I spotted a big sparrowhawk on the roof of the 'big house' at the back, which would explain why pigeons were all over the place a few minutes before, since both peregrines were at the time nicely settled on their perches.

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